Because it’s easy for young people to obtain illegal guns, and gun violence plagues many New York communities. Based on our surveys given prior to the program, students:anti-gun

  • Know where they can get guns.
  • Know people who carry guns (that are not police officers).
  • Know people who have been injured or killed by guns.
  • Do not feel safe in their communities because of the proliferation of guns.
  • Often distrust the police and would not turn to them for help.

In this difficult environment, reACTION helps students make the right choices everyday:

  • Not to pick up or use guns.
  • Avoid people that carry guns.
  • Not to join gangs.
  • Deal with conflict in non-violent ways.
  • Develop skills for productive and successful lives.

Support the reACTION program and help us reduce gun violence in New York youth.