reACTION is a year-long, after-school program for students in high school and middle school, with an objective of training students to become peer leaders and effective advocates for gun violence prevention in their communities. Students meet weekly for one hour or longer and obtain school credits upon successfully completing the program. Reaction staff and youth volunteers administer a 19-lesson curriculum that uses proven techniques including lessons, games, projects, and field trips.NYAGV reACTION SD

Reaction lessons help students learn about themselves, their peers and their communities, and how to become effective advocates to reduce gun violence. As a final project, students design and organize an educational event in their school to highlight what they’ve learned. The program culminates with an educational trip to Albany, the state capital, where students meet with elected officials to advocate for sensible gun legislation.

Highlights of the Reaction curriculum include:

  • How each student’s talents and skills can lead to a productive life.
  • How to deal with and overcome fears about violence.
  • Interacting and listening to peers.
  • Benefits of collaborating with others to bring about change.
  • How gossip can lead to greater conflicts.
  • Myths and facts about gun violence.
  • How gun violence affects communities.
  • The difference between federal, state and local gun laws.
  • The role of guns in suicide and domestic disputes.
  • Suicide prevention and how to spot warning signs.
  • Effective debating, public speaking and speech writing techniques.
  • Researching and managing community resources.
  • How to design, organize and participate in community projects.
  • How to talk with and educate peers, community members and elected officials to advocate the prevention of gun violence.

The Reaction curriculum is available for use in school or youth group. Contact us for more information.

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