Highlights of our ReAction Youth Education Program for February-March:

At Queens High School John Bowne, these future law school students were encouraged to analyze the role of the second amendment in the debate about gun regulations, and describe the main arguments offered by organizations for and against gun regulation. The students will use this lesson, as well as a practice case about gun rights and regulations, to help them prepare for their upcoming school mock trials (shown right).

At Queens High School for Community Leadership, the students discussed the increased frequency of mass shootings in America. They viewed parts of the movie, “Making a Killing: Greed, Guns and the NRA.” The image to the left captured one student’s reaction to some of the statistics shown in the movie, including:  “Nearly 1 in 3 victims of a mass shooting in the U.S is a child” and “There were 330 mass shootings in 2015.”

Students at  Evander Childs School for Health Careers in the Bronx learned how to help influence and direct the discussion about gun violence in their communities. This lesson was part of an advocacy skills builder taught in preparation for the students’ Albany Day field trip in May. Students played an interactive game of  “Do you know your rights?” (shown right) in which they broke up into groups of five to deepen their understanding of the Bill of Rights. The game winners gained points toward a pizza lunch (which helped their motivation!).

During another lesson at Evander Childs, students discussed the concept of community, and how they are all important parts of their communities. They explored the strengths and struggles of their communities, and ways to make a positive change that also leads to their own personal growth.

In lower Manhattan, students at the Leadership and Public Service High School filled the lobby with a huge welcoming of political artwork. Issues such as bullying, gun violence, and police and community relations were covered.  (“Does my hood scare you?” is shown left.)