working to reduce gun violence through education and community engagement

The Gun Violence Problem

Each year in the U.S., over 30,000 Americans are killed--and another 80,000 are injured--by gun violence through intentional shootings, accidental shootings, and suicides. In 2010, 18,270 children and teens were killed or injured by guns--that's one child or teen killed or injured every 30 minutes.

The NYAGV Education Fund works to reduce gun violence--particularly among youth--by offering free education programs to inform the public about gun violence and how to prevent it. The NYAGV Education Fund is the only organization in New York State to offer these youth programs around the issue of gun violence.

The NYAGV Education Fund's reACTION after-school program educates and supports young people, building capacity for youth leadership in communities where gun violence continues to both plague and attract youth.

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