sadonte logo cropped 2To help reduce gun violence in New York, the NYAGV Education Fund conducts community workshops for neighborhood organizations such as The Sadonte Foundation–a group committed to fostering positive relationships through mentorship, youth based activities, and supportive groups.

raphael sadonte and mom

Raphael Sadonte Ward lost his life to gun violence at 16.

The Sadonte Foundation was founded in March 2013 to honor the memory of 16-year-old Raphael Sadonte Ward of the Bronx, who lost his life on January 4th, 2013 when he was shot by another teenager.

Soon after the Sadonte Foundation was formed, NYAGV conducted six two-hour workshops for the group to familiarize concerned parents with gun violence issues and the ways they can act to prevent and reduce gun violence in their communities.

Larissa Lozada, the deputy director of the organization, commented, “Completing the NYAGV workshops offered us a clearer understanding of the detrimental effects of gun violence. It exposed us to the intricacies of the legislative process around gun laws, introduced us to other organizations and people who share our same mission to reduce gun violence, and most importantly, has helped us to develop our own voice in this collective purpose.”

The NYAGV workshops covered topics such as:

  • Resources available to help fight gun violence.
  • How to spread the word—organizing community and advocacy events.
  • Why do teens resort to guns?
  • How to talk to their kids about guns and gun violence.
  • How to reach out to elected officials.
  • Where do illegal guns come from?
  • Local, state and federal gun laws and policies.

Today, The Sadonte Foundation is helping to spread the word about gun violence prevention.

Interested in holding a gun violence prevention workshop for your community group? Contact NYAGV at 212-679-2345 or email