State Senator Daniel Squadron welcoming students.

State Senator Daniel Squadron welcoming students.

Albany Lobby Day 2016 was an unforgettable experience for the nearly 200 ReAction Youth Program students who attended the field trip on May 3.

Many of the ReAction students have experienced gun violence first hand, and they were able to share their stories with legislators and staff and at a press conference in the well of the Legislative Office Building.

The ReAction student sfrom public high schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan also had the chance to advocate to reduce the flow of illegal guns into their neighborhoods, and launch their new social media campaign, #FollowTheGun, to help track where crime guns come from and end up.

The ReAction Program teaches students learn public speaking skills. Abidul Ali speaks at the students' press conference.

The ReAction Program teaches students learn public speaking skills. Abidul Ali speaks at the students’ press conference.

Assembly members Amy Paulin, Michelle Schimel, Brian Kavanagh, Patricia Fahy and Phil Steck; Senators Jeff Klein and Daniel Squadron; and other lawmakers joined the students.

Leah Gunn Barrett, NYAGV Executive Director, stated, “Albany Day gives these students a unique opportunity to share their personal stories and to ask their representatives what they are doing to address gun violence. Shaina Harrison, NYAGV Program Director, added, The ReACTION Youth Program helps these teens understand that power comes not from a gun but from using their voices to call for meaningful change.”

Thanks to all our supporters who helped to make Albany Day a great success!

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Here’s a snapshot of the day:


Students form the High School for Leadership and Public Service in Manhattan.


Students gathering for a group photo on the steps in the the Legislative Building.


In ReAction, students learn they have power and a voice without resorting to guns.

Albany-day-2016-Bronx H.S for Health Careers 3

Students from the Bronx High School for Heath Careers.



Student Jason Day performed a touching song. (Source: Albany Times Union)


Students from the Leadership and Public Service High School shared their singing talents.


Zawadi Nehamb, a student at the Queens High School for Community Leadership.


Getting ready for the press conference.


Student Cadeja Rose spoke about her experience with gun violence. (Source: Albany Times Union)


Students from the Bronx Academy of Health Careers met with staff of Assembly member Carmen Arroyo.


Students from the High School for Public Service in Brooklyn.