New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund is the tax-exempt organization of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence incorporated in 1995. The NYAGV Education Fund’s mission is to inform the public, particularly youth, about the dangers of gun violence and ways to prevent and reduce gun violence.

The NYAGV Education Fund’s gun violence prevention programs include:

• The ReACTION Youth Program –Taught in New York City public high schools, the ReACTION Youth Program educates young people about gun violence and helps empower them to become peer advocates for change in their communities. ReACTION uses a full-year program, and students are introduced to legislators and the government process with an end-of-year field trip to Albany.

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• Community Workshops –The NYAGV Education Fund conducts community-based workshops to educate and inform community members and organizations about issues relating to gun violence. The workshops include all class materials and can be tailored to the objectives of each organization.

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